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The freestyle stroke is the fastest, most efficient stroke, because it maintains the body in a streamlined position with the limbs able to apply constant propulsive forces due to the arms alternating action and the continuous flutter action of the legs.

To swim freestyle fast you need to start with the correct technique. The following articles written by Gary Barclay on Freestyle Technique and Freestyle Breathing Swimming Tips are well worth reading.

Freestyle DVD's
Swimming Faster Freestyle - DVD Swimming Faster Freestyle
You will be able to swim a faster freestyle with this 12-Drill progression . Also learn to attain a high freestyle catch position . DVD provides you with a detailed stroke breakdown
Freestyle DVD - Ian Pope Ian Pope's Swimming Down Under: Freestyle
This DVD presentation compares distance and sprint freestyle techniques. The DVD includes a video breakdown of Olympians Grant Hackett and Matt Targett. Also includes freestyle start and turn instruction . Added feature: coaching young freestyle swimmers!
Richard Quick's Faster Fast Sprint Freestyle Series
Learn fast freestyle by watching two of the world's fastest sprinters. This DVD is a complete guide to faster sprint freestyle technique and training It includes extensive strength training information.
Fast Lane Freestyle DVD Fast Lane Freestyle
After watching this DVD, you will know how to master the "Arizona brand" of freestyle: solid catch, big kick . Also learn how to hold an ideal freestyle catch position .Includes drills that isolate critical freestyle stroke components
Freestyle Sprint DVD Faster Fast Sprint Freestyle Technique & Drills
View the newest sprint freestyle innovations. Build your freestyle sprint stroke through a number of progressive drills. Learn how to develop a "core to arm" catch connection
Freestyler DVD Coaching the Developing Freestyler
Watch 50 freestyle drills to develop a swimmer’s stroke, turn and start technique. Learn how to seamlessly weave technique work into a team setting . You will also get race strategies to create your best performance
DVD - Freestyle Becoming a Champion Swimmer: Freestyle
This DVD provides you with easy to learn freestyle methods to make you faster .You will learn freestyle techniques for maximum efficiency.You will also gain a more efficient breathing technique through freestyle drills
Winning Freestyle - DVD Championship Winning Freestyle
This DVD shows you how to build freestyle technique from the inside out .It has easy to understand freestyle illustrations. DVD includes plenty of stroke building drills
Freestyle DVD Eddie Reese on Freestyle
Coach, teach and correct your freestyle swimmers.You will see eight drills that will enhance freestyle technique. Also discover five common errors and corrections to swim better freestyle

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